How I can help you

My experience with ATF and the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) gives me the ability to assist industry members in complying with federal law. I know which federal laws apply to your business, which government agency administers those laws, and who to contact to assist you in addressing regulatory compliance requirements. The regulatory issues I can assist you with include the following:

  • FAET
    Classification of firearms, shells and cartridges, determination of taxable sale price, tax-free and tax-exempt sales, constructive sale price, resolution of tax assessments

  • Federal Explosives Laws
    Issuance of licenses and permits, classification of explosive materials, marking requirements, storage, record keeping, exemptions

  • Gun Control Act
    Licensing, marking, marking variances, recordkeeping, firearms and ammunition classifications

  • National Firearms Act
    Payment of SOT, registration and transfer of firearms, classification of firearms, exemptions
  • Importation
    Issuance of permits authorizing the importation of firearms, ammunition, and other defense articles into the U.S.; registration under the AECA